Marysville Township

Wright County, Minnesota

Mumford Sanitation pick up will be every other Thursday.

April '24- March '25 Recycling Calendar will be mailed April 2024

Click here for 2024 Recycling Schedule

Upcoming recycling dates:


February 8th, 22nd

March 7th, 21st

April 4th,18th

May 2nd, 16th, 30th 

**if a Holiday falls within the pick up week, please leave your recycling out as pickup day may be delayed a day**

The pickup dates will continue every other Thursday.

If your recycling didn't get picked up call Mumford's at 320-543-3601.

Recycling is paid for with your tax dollars and the cost to residents is the same whether you recycle or not. Your participation is welcomed and appreciated!

Curbside pickup starting at 7 a.m. 

Everything can be mixed together.

Cardboard & Box board: all cardboard, food & beverage boxes, gift boxes, egg cartons, tissue roll cores, paper bags.
Mixed Paper: all newspaper, glossy insert, magazines, catalogs, brochures, junk mail, notebooks, sticky notes, file folders, soft/hard cover books, white & colored paper, construction paper, and phone books.
Plastics: ALL household plastics #1 - #7
Metals: all aluminum, aluminum foil, and steel/tin cans
Glass: all clear and colored glass.