Marysville Township

Wright County, Minnesota


The Township has adopted standards for mailbox supports and placement for road maintenance purposes.   Mailboxes and mailbox supports are the property of the mail route patron.  It is the responsibility of Township residents to be aware of the correct placement of the mailbox at the roadside.  Please contact the Town Clerk for specifics of placement, type and maintenance of the mailbox. 

a.) The distance from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox should be 46 inches.

b.) Mailbox supports shall be "swing away" type and are available to purchase through the Township.

c.) The length of the horizontal bar on the mailbox support should be approximately 36 inches.

d.) The door of the mailbox should be lined up with the outside edge of the shoulder of the road.  Allow space for mail carriers to pull onto the shoulder without hitting the mailbox but able to reach it easily.

The Township will only replace or repair mailboxes if the mailbox support has been damaged by a direct hit by Township equipment.

House Signs

The Township provides house signs (fire signs) for a newly established residence and will replace signs that are damaged by a direct hit by Township equipment.  For new or replacement signs, contact the Township hall.